Make Your Home Greater

by elevating your fiber experience with

FTTR is the most innovative WiFi technology that promises superior, most consistent and fastest fiber connectivity at office, at home, in every room and floor. Enjoy stable gigabit Wi-Fi experience!

MekongNet offers FTTR PACKAGE





FTTR Solution For SMEs


How it works

Equipment & Installation

Wi-fi 6 Solution

  • Intelligence Router, prioritize levels of important use within the home network and to minimize Wi-Fi traffic volume.
  • High bandwidth access and Wi-Fi 6 coverage for home.
  • Multi-connection up to 128 connected devices
  • Support 160 MHz frequency band.

Transparent Fiber Optic

  • 5-times smaller than the original cable.
  • The transparent cable with smallest diameter and exceptional flexibility ideal for installation anywhere in the house.
  • Maximum speed 10 Gbps.
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference.
  • 30-year durability.

  1. Home FTTR plan comes with transparent optical-fibre cables for individual room connection to deliver the best connectivity of 1Gbps in every room.
  2. The installation fee of 100USD is payable in the first monthly cycle. Alternatively, the 100USD installation fee will be discounted if customer pays in advance for 12months contract.
  3. Once this package has been initiated, the customer may not relocate the point of installation throughout the contract period.
  4. The deposit fee of 500USD is required to secure the equipment and will be fully refunded when the contract is terminated and equipment retuned to Mekongnet in a good workable condition.
  5. Existing MekongNet customers who wish to switch over to this package and require a replacement for the existing equipment or additional equipment will be required to deposit 500USD. Yet, 100USD installation fee will be discounted
  6. This package is for personal use only. Any sub-leasing of these services or commercial use is prohibited.
  7. Installation maximum 3 working days in PP and 1 working week in province area.


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